We are proud to have partnered with the following organisations



Our mission is to make Puketapapa/Mt Roskill an active transport haven for residents and commuters.


  • To encourage cycling and walking
  • To improve the image of cycling and cyclists, walking and walkers.
  • To promote cycling and walking as healthy environmentally sound, sustainable and convenient forms of transport
  • To advocate for improved infrastructure and conditions for cyclists and cycling, walkers and walking
  • To present the case for cycling and walking in public debate to relevant authorities
  • To educate walkers, cyclists and road and path users in order to improve safety for cyclists and walkers


Earth Action Trust – Sustainability NZ

Mother Earth is the source of everything we eat and drink. Let’s be mindful of her.
Are you looking for ways to make a lasting difference? Do you want to see your skills and experience used to empower the community to be mindful of Mother Earth? Here’s how you can do it.
Earth Action Trust is a charitable trust based in Mt Roskill, Auckland, that has been created by and is led by migrants. It has an environmental focus but also aims to create jobs and create a great community spirit through multi-cultural and cross-cultural communication within the community.
The vision of Earth Action Trust is zero waste and zero unemployment by the year 2040 through the operation of resource recovery initiatives and waste elimination education programmes.


Refugees as survivors N.Z

Refugees as survivors N.Z /Bicycles for refugees: recycled bikes are gifted to refugee families to assist them with getting around their new community. Bikes are a great way of preventing isolation and keeping the community in touch with each other. When you arrive here with everything you own in a small suitcase a bicycle is very valuable in many ways.


Red Cross

We also partner with the red Cross through their extended refugee contacts to get bikes to those in need who may not be able to get to the Bike Kitchen.





Our Bike Tour leaders are part of The Puketapapa area’s Global Lighthouse, a charity organisation that has worked alongside Bike Kitchen since it’s inception.

Auckland transport has assisted Global Lighthouse Bike Leaders in getting up to a Grade 3 certificate, where they are now trained in bike road safety and regulations.

They will safely guide your events activities from start to finish.

Global Lighthouse are a faith-based community ministry and Youth Development Programme in Mt Roskill/ Wesley the heart of Auckland City.
They provide support services, mentoring and work collaboratively with other like-minded organizations, schools and churches for social reform.
They aim to help using the principles of giving and love, assisting people in gaining education and employment, and creating social enterprises that will educate families for sustainability.