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bikes for refugees

Refugees as Survivors New Zealand is excited to partner with The Bike Kitchen to provide bikes for refugee families settled in Auckland.
Recycling bikes for refugees has been an important part of our organisation’s work for many years and has made a significant difference to the lives of former refugee families.
The Bike Kitchen initiative sees many different community groups working together to provide bikes for those in need.  
From a RASNZ perspective, bikes help people settle in by connecting them with their communities, schools and sporting events.
Bike Kitchen is the integral link between our organisation and our clients and the programme has been a huge success.  
They have also provided bikes for most of the asylum seekers that reside at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre.  
For these vulnerable people, bikes are not only a means of transport, they provide a relief from stress and depression.

Kirsty Robson
Refugees as Survivors NZ
Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre

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